The BN60 Badminton Racket continues this year now available in 2 colours, with either a white grip and decals or yellow. Manufactured using Ultra Lite Extreme Carbon Gel System which spreads tension over the whole frame for playability and durability, this racket produces incredible power due to Ultra-lite construction resulting in higher than normal possible head speeds.

Less Weight = More Head Speed = More Power!

A New frame this year to the badminton range is the BN65. Where the BN60 is kept very simple with no paint or large decals to keep the weight to a minimum the BN65 is half painted to keep the weight down but giving an eye catching new racket that still retains all the benefits of the Ultra-Lite construction.

This year’s range still includes the Super-lite frames SL and M Tec 70. The SL70 with its traditional head-shape and the M Tec 70 with its Isometric head shape have always been so popular that we have left these as they are but with stunning new artwork.

We are introducing 4 new frames to the range this year, the Power series rackets. They are designed with the improving player in mind with Isometric power frames and 2 piece construction, each with slightly different features to help target the area of your game that needs the most help, whether you are looking for more speed, precision or control or a combination of these there is sure to be a racket here to suit your needs

Evolution by Design

  • BN-60
  • BN-65
  • SL-70
  • M-TEC 70
  • Power Drive
  • Power Speed
  • Power Edge
  • Power Plus
  • CBX-7
  • CBX-4
  • CBX-3
  • CBX-2

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