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Heading up the range again this year is the SN90 Squash Racket, available this season in two colours, this racket is constructed using Ultra Light extreme Carbon Gel with no paint or large decals to keep the weight to a minimum. This is a stunning racket that plays as good as it looks!

Less Weight = More Head Speed = More Power!

The SX100 is still an integral part of the Karakal range and has been updated this year with eye catching new artwork.

We are introducing 2 frames to the range this year, the all new V series rackets available in 2 weights 125 and 150gms. With its 480 cm sq wide bodied head it is perfect for creating power without sacrificing control.

The XL Tec frames were highly popular last season so are continuing this year. Available in 3 weights, 125, 140 and 150gms these rackets are loaded with features to help improve your game. The 4 Nano Graphite Nodes stiffen and strengthen the frame and the inverted muscle system in the throat reduces torque.

Also continuing this year are the Tec series of rackets. Designed in conjunction with world ranked and Commonwealth Games Gold medallist Cameron Pilley. Using his signature series Tec Gel 120 in the US Open Cameron set the world record for the fastest squash ball at a staggering 175mph. This frame is also available in 130 & 140 gram weights.

Evolution by Design

  • SN-90
  • SX-100
  • TEC Gel-120
  • TEC Lite-130
  • TEC Tour-140
  • XL-Tec 125
  • XL-Tec 140
  • XL-Tec 150
  • TRIBAL SL 125
  • V-Ti 125
  • V-GR 150
  • Carbon PRO
  • PRO Hybrid
  • CSX-Tour
  • CSX Junior

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