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Jan Samborski, Poland U13 Champion

Jan Samborski, Poland U13 Champion

Young Janek Samborski, is just 11 years old and already a three times Polish National Champion!

Jan is one of Poland Squash's brightest stars. Added to his three national age titles, including the 2018 U13 that he gained despite only turning 11 this year, Jan has also triumphed as a Polish Team Champion and is ranked 16th in Europe for boys U13.

Michal Wnuk of Karakal Poland said, "Janek is one of the best talents I have seen here in Poland for some years. He is dedicated and cool under pressure, just the tools you need to get to the top." Michal continued "Jan is also a smart cookie. He's been using our Karakal S Pro Elite Squash Racket for over a season now and has not only provided some great results with the racket, but has given us some great "junior" feed-back too."

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