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Karakal Youtube Channel

Karakal Youtube Channel

As of 2019 the Karakal Youtube channel has been updated with videos for each of the products in the Karakal Pro-Tour Luggage range.

These consist of two backpacks and four racket bags that have a capacity of 4 -12+ rackets.

- Karakal Pro-Tour 20 Backpack

- Karakal Pro-Tour 30 Backpack

- Karakal Pro-Tour MATCH bag - x4 Rackets

- Karakal Pro-Tour COMP bag - x9 Rackets

- Karakal Pro-Tour ELITE bag - x12 Rackets

- Karakal Pro-Tour ELITE X bag - x12+ Rackets

This series of videos also features squash professional Cameron Pilley, who in each speaks about the product along with his own experiences with them.

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