Tesni Evans, Looking to Fight Back After "Frustrating" Injury

Tesni Evans, Looking to Fight Back After "Frustrating" Injury

Karakal's Tesni Evans came into the 2019/20 PSA World Squash Tour with the ambition to consolidate her position in the top ten World Rankings, as well as pushing for a top eight spot and beyond. Now, as we wait for the Tour to restart, Tesni remains in her spot as World No.9, due to an ankle injury and the Tour suspension due to COVID-19.

"I always had a big goal of being a top ten player and I'm really happy I have showed some consistent to hold that ranking of World No.9 for over a year", said Tesni in an interview with the PSA, "but, on the other hand, I am disappointed that I haven't been able to progress more towards those top eight players and move my ranking up. So plenty of work needs to be done to try and crack the top eight!"

Tesni had spent just 17 minutes on court in 2020, and most of those minutes were spent on the floor in pain as a result of a collision with her opponent, Olivia Blatchford Clyne. This injury caused Tesni to miss the following few months of the season, including two Platinum events, as well as a string of Bronze and Silver tournaments.

"The ankle is good, healing well and starting to get its strength back now which is really important going forward", she explained, "I was really looking forward to getting stuck in at the Tournament of Champions. It was a very frustrating moment for me, but you know, being a professional athlete, you have to be prepared that injuries are going to happen, so it's important to get it right now and get back ready to go again."

Oddly, the enforsed delay has giving Tesni time to recover from her injury, and now she has an eye on the prize to achieve her ambition of moving up the world rankings when the World Tour can finally resume.

Everyone at Karakal would like to wish Tesni all the best for a full recovery.