Karakal String Offer

Congratulations on your purchase of our latest KARAKAL FAST FIBRE ADVANCED SERIES FRAME. Thank You for supporting our Karakal Brand, we are confident you will enjoy many hours of High Performance action with your New purchase.

We at Karakal take effort and time, engineering frames that perform from Top to Bottom, using the highest specifications and materials available to enhance the performance of our KARAKAL FRAMES, and in turn your performance on the court.

Your KARAKAL FAST FIBRE FRAME is strung with our Tour Proven Performance HOT ZONE STRING, and as a ‘THANK YOU’, we will send you a set of HOT ZONE STRINGS FOR FREE, as promoted, so that you can continue enjoying the performance you deserve from your purchase, the next time you restring.

Please fill in the required detail below and we will get your Set of HOT ZONE strings sent off to you accordingly.

Thank you again for supporting Karakal and enjoy.