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Ville Karsikas : WR 340

Ville Karsikas : WR 340

Born in Jarvenpaa, Finland Ville Karsikas is another one of Karakal's great Finish players.

Ville enjoyed early junior success when in in 2002 he won the U17 Finnish Junior National Championships and finished runner up two years later at U19 before taking a three year break from the game.

Eventually Ville got back into squash in 2007, as he states, "with a better motivation" and coaching from Saka Äijänen has continued to be a solid performer on the Finish domestic squash scene, winning many local tournaments and earning a national ranking of six.

2018 saw Ville and his team JSK Squash, that also includes Karakal players Miko and Jami Äijänen, win the Finnish National Team Championship

Get closer to Ville:

  • Date of Birth: 18/07/1986
  • Hometown: Jarvenpaa, Finland
  • Right handed
  • Height: 186 cm
  • Weight: 82 kg
  • Coach: Saka Äijänen

Karakal equipment used:

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